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June 15, 2023

Posted  June 15, 2023

Wisconsin woman Kay Yang and her companies AK Equity Group LLC and Xapphire LLC have agreed to pay almost $13.7 million in restitution and over $10.4 million in civil monetary penalty in connection with a fraudulent scheme targeting the Hmong community.  Yang’s husband, Chao Yang, was also ordered to pay $1.42 million in disgorgement.  From 2017 until the pandemic hit in March 2020, the defendants solicited and received at least $15.7 million from 67 victim individuals or entities, many from the Hmong community.  The funds were intended for retail forex transactions, but the defendants misappropriated at least $4.8 million.  Under the settlement order, there is a permanent injunction against Kay Yang and her companies from participating in commodity exchange.  CFTC

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