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November 1, 2018

Posted  November 1, 2018

The CEO and COO of Smart Lab LLC have been sentenced to a cumulative 10 years in prison for defrauding TRICARE of millions of dollars. CEO H. Hamilton Wayne and COO Justin Morgan Wayne allegedly paid kickbacks to substance abuse treatment centers in exchange for using Smart Lab for expensive confirmatory urinalysis testing. In some cases, treatment center patients were required to submit three medically unnecessary samples a week, but exempt from paying co-payments, co-insurance, or deductibles that should’ve been mandatory. Altogether, they have been ordered to pay restitution amounting to $2,897,389.50. Separately, H. Wayne has been ordered to pay $104,344, and J. Wayne has been ordered to pay $20,000. A third defendant, Smart Lab sales representative Lanny Fried, remains to be sentenced later this month. USAO SDFL

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