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September 19, 2018

Posted  September 19, 2018

Three men from three states have been indicted for allegedly conspiring to defraud more than 230 investors of more than $364 million in a classic Ponzi scheme, and in one of the largest ever charged in Maryland. Kevin B. Merrill, Jay B. Ledford, and Cameron Jezeierski of Maryland, Nevada, and Texas, respectively, allegedly persuaded investors across the country that they could make a profit by purchasing consumer debt portfolios that would either have their debt collected upon or be sold to other debt buyers. Instead, the defendants used the money to purchase expensive homes, boats, jewelry, and at least 25 cars, as well as lead a generally lavish lifestyle. To conceal the fraud, the defendants allegedly created fake debt selling companies, bank accounts, and brokers, and generated false contracts, records, and reports. They face both criminal charges from the DOJ and civil charges from the SEC, and if convicted, face both financial penalties as well as decades in prison for the combined charges. USAO MD; SEC

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