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September 27, 2018

Posted  September 27, 2018

NGL Crude Logistics LLC, formerly known as Gavilon, Inc., has agreed to pay a $25 million civil penalty to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to resolve allegations of RIN fraud through violations of the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program. In 2011, NGL bought millions of gallons of biodiesel, which came with about 36 million RINS—or Renewable Identification Numbers, which are generated when certain renewable fuels are produced, and which are used for tracking purposes. According to the complaint, NGL sold off most of the original RINs, then sold the biodiesel as unprocessed feedstock to another company, Western Dubuque. After Western Dubuque reprocessed the biodiesel, it sold the fuel back to NGL with another set of RINs, which NGL then sold off again. The fraud was eventually revealed through a tip from other program participants. DOJ

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