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October 11, 2017

Posted  November 28, 2017

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Lisa Bershan, her husband Barry Schwartz, and their business associate Joel Margulies for defrauding investors in a company that falsely claimed to be developing a caffeinated chocolate snack and nearing an acquisition by Monster Energy or Coca-Cola Co. The SEC’s complaint alleges Bershan, Schwartz, and Margulies, falsely promised investors that after being acquired, Starship Snack Corp. investors would get a one-to-one exchange of Starship shares for Monster or Coca-Cola shares. According to the SEC’s complaint, Bershan and Margulies also falsely claimed that investors had “no down-side risk” and Bershan personally guaranteed that investors could get their investment back with 5 percent interest if the shares failed to appreciate over a year. According to the SEC’s complaint, Starship had no agreement with Monster Energy or Coca-Cola , and Bershan and Schwartz used investor funds as their own personal piggy bank, spending them to rent and decorate a New York City apartment, and on travel, meals, and other personal expenses. SEC

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