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April 26, 2017

Posted  April 26, 2017

New York announced felony charges against Anthony Nyame, 59, of the Bronx, for allegedly stealing $800,000 from multiple victims by fraudulently inducing them to believe his Wall Street based company, General Capital Corporation, had the ability to secure millions of dollars in loans. If convicted, Nyame faces up to 20 years in prison. According to the indictment and statements made by the prosecutor at arraignment, Nyame allegedly solicited unwitting victims into believing that his company could arrange for tens of millions of dollars in loans provided they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to collateralize the loans. In one case, Nyame allegedly promised to obtain a $30 million loan for a Church located in the Bronx that was seeking to build a multi-family dwelling on its property. Instead of using the deposits to secure the promised loans, Nyame allegedly diverted monies from the Church and other investors for his own personal use – including $71,000 in cash withdrawals and transfers to his personal bank account, $47,000 to pay for his Wall Street apartment and an additional $26,000 for assorted personal items. Nyame also transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars to multiple companies and people around the world. NY

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