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April 4, 2017

Posted  April 4, 2017

A Kansas-based insurance company has agreed to pay more than $2.8 million to settle allegations that it used deceptive and unlawful practices to sell health insurance to Massachusetts consumers. The settlement will provide more than $2.3 million to consumers. According to the complaint, Unified Life Insurance Company (ULIC) sold health insurance to Massachusetts consumers that was not authorized for sale and engaged in a host of deceptive practices, such as claiming its insurance included services that it did not cover. According to the AG’s complaint, ULIC also excluded Massachusetts consumers from coverage based upon their health status or preexisting conditions, and failed to cover basic health services – such as behavioral health services, maternity services, preventive services for women and children, and other essential benefits required by Massachusetts law. The coverage at issue was sold across state lines and was issued through a third-party association. MA

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