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August 17, 2016

Posted  August 17, 2016

New York announced a $1.1 million dollar settlement resolving a whistleblower case against My Pillow, Inc., a Minnesota corporation that sells pillows and other sleep-related products. The lawsuit alleged that My Pillow knowingly failed to collect and remit New York sales taxes on sales made to New York customers through its website and over the telephone. The action began when a whistleblower filed a complaint in state Supreme Court in Manhattan. Based on its investigation of the whistleblower’s allegations, the Attorney General’s Office contends that from 2011-2015, My Pillow failed to collect and remit approximately $537,000 in sales taxes on taxable sales made over the phone and through the Internet to New Yorkers. My Pillow was required to collect and remit sales taxes because the company sold products at trade shows in New York through independent contractors and other representatives, among other reasons. The Attorney General’s Office claims that My Pillow knowingly made false records or statements concerning the sales taxes it was required to collect and remit. NY

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