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August 24, 2016

Posted  August 24, 2016

Florida obtained a court order temporarily shutting down a tech support company that, along with its owners, allegedly deceived consumers out of more than $25 million. The scam operated as Client Care Experts, formerly known as First Choice Tech Support, LLC, and is owned by CEO Michael Seward and his partner, Kevin McCormick. The defendants ran the tech support scam out of a boiler room in Boynton Beach and employed more than 200 telemarketers at the location. The order follows an effort by defendants to dissolve an earlier order obtained by Attorney General Bondi’s Office that temporarily shut down the business, froze the defendants’ assets to preserve funds for consumer restitution and appointed a receiver to oversee the operation through the conclusion of the case. The court denied the defendants’ motion to dissolve and kept the previous order in place pending the final judgment. FL

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