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August 24, 2016

Posted  August 24, 2016

New York and the Justice Department announced that three hospitals in the Mount Sinai Health System are paying a total of $2.95 million to resolve allegations that the hospitals knowingly retained over $844,000 in overpayments made by Medicaid in violation of the federal and New York False Claims Acts. Knowing retention of an overpayment from the government for more than sixty days is known as a “reverse false claim” and is a violation of both federal and state false claim acts. The entities involved include Mount Sinai Beth Israel (“Beth Israel”) (formerly Beth Israel Medical Center), Mount Sinai St. Luke’s (“St. Luke’s”) (formerly St. Luke’s Hospital) and Mount Sinai Roosevelt (“Roosevelt”) (formerly Roosevelt Hospital) (together, the “Hospitals”) – and the Hospitals’ former partnership group, Continuum Health Partners, Inc. (“Continuum,” and together with the Hospitals, “Defendants”). As part of the settlements, Defendants admitted that, beginning in 2009 due to a software compatibility issue, a coding error caused Defendants to submit claims for payment above and beyond what they had received from the managed care organization, and that Medicaid paid these claims as a secondary payor. In September 2010, the New York Office of the State Comptroller brought to Continuum’s attention a small number of these claims, and Defendants admitted that in late 2010 they were made aware of the coding error. NY

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