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January 11, 2018

Posted  January 11, 2018

Illinois announced that consumers will soon begin receiving payments from an approximately $190 million settlement with manufacturers of liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturers. The payments are part of settlements Madigan’s office has reached over the last several years with manufacturers of LCD monitors installed in electronic devices including TVs, notebook computers, cell phones and MP3 players. Madigan’s lawsuit alleged the companies illegally fixed prices for LCD screens used in electronic devices, causing consumers who purchased devices between 1998 and 2006 to pay significantly more than if the prices had been set through normal competition. According to Madigan, the Circuit Court of Cook County has approved the distribution of more than $190 million in settlement payments to Illinois residents who filed claims on or before Oct. 6, 2016. Illinois residents, businesses and government entities such as counties, municipalities and schools submitted approximately 18,500 valid claims for a total of nearly 5 million LCD products purchased during the relevant time period. IL