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January 12, 2017

Posted  January 12, 2017

New York announced the resolution of a four-year investigation of Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. (CGMI), a subsidiary of Citigroup, that revealed that CGMI had overcharged over 47,000 of its customers more than $22.5 million in fees. After the Attorney General’s Office launched its investigation, CGMI revised its policies and procedures to address the fee overcharge issues uncovered in the investigation, and as a part of the agreement CGMI admits the findings of Attorney General Schneiderman’s investigation. In cooperation with the Attorney General’s investigation, in October 2014 CGMI began reimbursing its customers in full with interest, for the overcharged fees. The agreement also requires CGMI to report fee overcharge issues to the New York Attorney General’s office for the next three years and to pay a penalty of $1 million to the State of New York. The fee overcharges at issue in the investigation arose (1) when CGMI overcharged some of its customers more than the fees they had negotiated on their managed investment accounts, and (2) when CGMI overcharged customers by failing to rebate certain customers’ accounts after periods of inactivity when fees should not have been charged but were charged. NY

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