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September 30, 2016

Posted  September 30, 2016

California, along with 49 other states and the District of Columbia, announced a $95.9 million settlement with USA Discounters over allegations that the company used deceptive marketing and unlawful debt collection practices targeting military service-members. Under the settlement, Attorney General Harris secured nearly $7 million in restitution for over 4,100 Californians who were harmed by the company’s fraudulent actions. USA Discounters, which also did business as USA Living and Fletcher’s Jewelers, operated retail stores near military installations, including near Navy and Marine Corps installations in the San Diego Area. It sold consumer products, including furniture, appliances, televisions, computers, smartphones, and jewelry, primarily on credit and specifically targeted members of the military and veterans. The company marketed itself as a discount retailer but actually sold its merchandise at a substantial mark-up, including additional fees that effectively concealed exorbitantly high interest rates for financed purchases. CA, FL, PA