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Constantine Cannon Attorneys Jessica Moore and Leah Judge Published in The Oklahoman on Helping to Curb Fraud in Oklahoma

Posted  February 28, 2019

Constantine Cannon attorneys Jessica T. Moore and Leah Judge published an op-ed piece in the Oklahoman advocating for the passage of House Bill No. 2386 (“the Oklahoma State Agency False Claims Act”). The proposed Oklahoma State Agency False Claims Act is modeled after similar state and local False Claims Act statutes that allow whistleblowers to bring lawsuits against companies and individuals who defraud the government. These laws encourage ordinary people to fight the fraudulent abuse of taxpayer dollars by permitting them to share in up to 30 percent of the amount ultimately recovered. While Oklahoma currently has a Medicaid False Claims Act, it only applies to false claims presented under the state’s Medicaid program. Ms. Moore and Ms. Judge’s editorial highlights how Oklahoma and its citizens only stand to benefit when whistleblowers are encouraged to expose fraud. You can read the full article here.

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