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ITG – Securities violations (30% SEC whistleblower award)

Posted  May 12, 2021

Constantine Cannon’s team secured another multi-million-dollar SEC whistleblower award for an anonymous whistleblower whose original information and assistance led to an enforcement action against brokerage firm ITG.  The SEC has repeatedly fined ITG in recent years, including for violations related to the firm’s dark pool, POSIT.  A dark pool is an alternate trading system that is supposed to allow investors to place buy and sell orders without alerting predatory traders who can manipulate prices.  ITG told its customers that they could trade in POSIT anonymously and confidentially, but the SEC twice concluded this was false.  The SEC awarded our client 30 percent of the recovery, the maximum amount allowed under the SEC Whistleblower Program.  For more information, see Constantine Cannon Client Receives Maximum Award for Blowing the Whistle on ITG

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