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July 10, 2018

Posted  July 10, 2018

Maryland announced that Rebecca D. Norris pleaded guilty to one count of felony Medicaid fraud for masterminding a series of fraudulent schemes at two western Maryland clinics she owned, resulting in a $825,000 loss to the Maryland Medicaid program. Norris’s sister, Heidi M. Wiley, 32, also pleaded guilty to one count of Felony Medicaid Fraud for her role as a biller in Norris’ schemes. Norris used a series of financial incentives to induce Wiley and other unindicted co-conspirators to assist her in these fraudulent schemes, including paying commissions for billing services to Medicaid. She also directed her staff to conceal the fraud during a visit from state auditors by altering and doctoring patient records. MD

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