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June 28, 2018

Posted  June 28, 2018

The CFTC announced that an Order of Summary Judgment was entered against Mirko (Mick) Schacke of Brentwood, California, and a Default Judgment against Schacke’s company, TradeMasters USA, LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Order, entered on June 22, 2018, amends a previous order entered on September 13, 2017, and finds that the Defendants committed fraud in their solicitations of futures trading software customers, failed to register with the CFTC and failed to provide required disclosures to investors. The Court’s Order also requires Schacke and TradeMasters, jointly and severally, to pay disgorgement of $168,626 to defrauded customers and a $505,878 civil monetary penalty. CFTC

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