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May 11, 2016

Posted  May 11, 2016

Pennsylvania announced the arrest of a Dauphin County man charged in connection with the alleged theft of $5.7 million from clients of his former payroll service company. According to a criminal complaint, William Simon Sullivan Jr., 42, was the owner and operator of a company known as Net Pay Solutions, Inc., a payroll service that is no longer in business. Prior to a bankruptcy filing, the company at one time handled payroll processing, as well as the payment of federal, state and local taxes for more than 200 businesses located throughout the country. It is alleged that Sullivan, as the business’ chief executive, used funds that were allocated solely to pay his clients’ taxes to instead pay his company’s operating expenses and financial obligations. He also is accused of using client funds to cover personal spending on vehicles, travel and home renovations, investigators allege in a criminal complaint. PA