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October 27, 2021

Posted  October 27, 2021

A Court has approved a $38.8 million settlement between the SEC and Akazoo, S.A., which went public in 2019 by way of a SPAC merger and claimed to offer music streaming services.  While the company told investors, both before and after the merger, that it had millions of paying subscribers and was increasing its subscriber base, earning hundreds of millions of dollars, the company in fact had no paying subscribers and negligible revenue.  The company raised nearly $55 million in the SPAC transaction and burned through more than $20 million before the SEC filed its complaint in 2020 and secured an asset freeze.  The $38.8 million disgorgement settlement will be deemed satisfied by the company’s payment of $35 million to investor victims in connection with several private class action lawsuits.  SEC

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