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October 28, 2016

Posted  October 28, 2016

The FTC has charged Blue Saguaro Marketing LLC, MarketingWays.com LLC, Amazon.com Associates Program; Max Results Marketing LLC, Grant Strategy Solutions, and Oro Canyon Marketing II LLC, among others, with bilking money from seniors, veterans, and debt-laden consumers by selling them a worthless money-making opportunity purportedly linked to Amazon.com, and luring them with a phony grants program. According to the FTC’s complaint, the defendants’ telemarketers falsely tell people they represent Amazon and offer, for hundreds or thousands of dollars, to create a website for them linked to Amazon.com, claiming they will earn thousands of dollars every month in commissions for sales via the website. They also falsely offer to advertise the consumer’s website and use search engine optimization to drive customers to it. FTC

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