August 17, 2016

Question of the Week: Is Donald Trump scared of an IRS whistleblower?

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

Conspiracy theories abound about why Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns. Some commentators are convinced he does not want to admit he is a lot poorer than he pretends; others think he is hiding Russian connections or massive foreign debt; still others think he does not want the American people to know how little tax he may actually pay.

There is another option, however: Donald Trump may be scared of an IRS whistleblower.

Releasing his returns would open them up to scrutiny from every CPA, armchair accountant, and obsessive data nerd in the country. Someone out there could very well see something that the IRS has missed.  If so, that whistleblower could chose to submit that information to the IRS.  If the IRS recovered funds based on the whistleblower’s information, that person could be entitled to an award up to 30% of the recovered funds.  Depending on what is in his taxes, Donald Trump may be rightfully nervous about letting potential whistleblowers in on his returns.

What do you think? Is Donald Trump scared of an IRS whistleblower?

Is Donald Trump scared of an IRS whistleblower?

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15 Responses to “Question of the Week: Is Donald Trump scared of an IRS whistleblower?

  1. im thinking that trump doesnt get the free passes hillary does if something were wrong but at this point i vote for a tree over hillary

  2. Don the Con is refusing to answer a very important job interview question.
    He wants to work for us–not the other way around!
    Now–if one of us little people refused to answer a very important job interview question–think we’d get the job?
    Sorry–he does NOT get immunity–especially given his uncomfortable ties to the Russians. Nope.

  3. Trump is afraid of IRS and US citizens. He is afraid that they will discover he is not as wealthy as he says or that he has foreign ties and does not want people to know. I know he does not tell the truth or he would have shown his tax returns much sooner than now. I believe he will never show his returns.

  4. Trump is either hiding something or is really scared someone will find something IRS missed either way he is a chicken the most he would have to do is pay some money.

  5. He isnt at all presidential. Reminds me of an overblown high school assistant football coach…without the football knowledge. Voting for him is a much greater insult to our country than kapernick sitting down. If you dont understand this you are much more dangerous to our countries future than a gang of decapitating ISIS devils.

  6. Hillary Clinton has been under the microscopic for years. The tiniest minuita is examined for use against her. Trumpleforskin should put on his big boy pants and face the same scrutiny, or shut the he’ll up about anything she does

  7. I think Donald Trump is afraid of “all the above.” He’s not as rich as the pretends. We already know he owes massive amounts of money to Chinese Banks (might as well say the Chinese government). I saw it reported that we already know that he pays little or nothing in taxes. And scariest of all, and since it was his son Donald Jr. who said it, he’s up to his eyeballs in private debt to Russian oligarchs. And that is why he says such nice things about Putin. And why he wants to be President so he can somehow pay back Putin and his buddies by giving them other countries. Would not surprise me in the least.

  8. no….he could release taxes from prior years that are not being audited….whistleblower my ass…shouldnt he have the best accounyants money can buy so there should not be any issue a mere whistleblower could uncover???….no…hes just an asshole who has vast dealings with russia and china and he pays next to nothing in taxes….i probably pay more……thats it in a nutshell….show america your communist debt you piece of shit

  9. If he has not done anything unethical, he should release his information. Due to his unwillingness, I believe he is guilty of hiding his information for all of the reasons outlined.

  10. And every other reason is valid too. But, he said he would release, then he said he wouldn’t, then he lied about audit, now do it and get it over with already.