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New Campaign Aimed at Wall Street Whistleblowers

Posted  October 8, 2015

By Marlene Koury

A new whistleblower platform and campaign was launched this week in hopes of encouraging banking and financial sector employees to blow the whistle on unfair practices and corruption.  The campaign — Whistleblow Wall Street – will include billboards on Wall Street, along with a leaflet campaign in New York, Washington D.C., St. Louis, and Orlando.

The campaign aims to connect with anyone working on Wall Street who wants to blow the whistle on misconduct, “from call center workers that aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom…to high level executives that are pressured and rewarded for engaging in illegal practices.”  The website assures visitors that the reporting platform is a “safe, secure place” to anonymously submit information concerning financial fraud and misconduct.

Whistleblow Wall Street is headed by two non-profit groups, The Other 98% and The Rules, who are together working with volunteer lawyers from the Government Accountability Project to answer questions and provide legal assistance in certain situations.  Martin Kirk, a director of The Rules, said he hopes the campaign helps “tip the balance” toward Wall Street workers who are willing to stand up to financial crimes after a survey recently revealed that they are actually more willing to break the law to make money than they were about two years earlier.

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