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Constantine Cannon Client Featured in Australian Broadcasting Company Story on Boeing Culture and Safety Incidents

Posted  February 18, 2020

Boeing manager-turned-whistleblower Ed Pierson, represented by Constantine Cannon whistleblower attorneys Eric Havian, Chris McLamb, and Leah Judge, was featured in an Australian Broadcasting Company story on Boeing’s 737 MAX crisis.  In the story, Mr. Pierson describes the production problems he witnessed at the plant where the 737 Max was produced and his concern that this troubling production environment may have played a role in two crashes that killed a total of 346 people, as well as in 13 other safety incidents involving 737 MAX airplanes.

Read the story here: Troubled 737 MAX Boeing airplane had at least 13 other safety incidents, ex-employee says, Australian Broadcast Company, February 14, 2020.

Or watch broadcast versions of the story below:


For additional coverage on Mr. Pierson, see below, or read our Whistleblower Insider blog post, Following Whistleblower Testimony, FAA Administrator Vows to Investigate Boeing.


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