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Catch of the Week — Bosch Fined $100 Million Over Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal

Posted  May 23, 2019

German prosecutors fined Bosch $100 million for its role in the 2015 Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. The fine was imposed for negligent violation of supervisory obligations resulting from the use of Bosch software to mask illegal pollution levels in diesel-engine vehicles.

Bosch, the world’s largest automotive supplier, developed the engine management control software used to provide emissions testers with false results. The scheme went on for several years before coming to light in 2015. During that time, Bosch delivered around 17 million technical devices equipped with this engine management software.

Bosch has been embroiled in the emissions scandal from the start and has previously agreed to a $327.5 million US civil settlement for supplying software to Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche that enabled cheating on emissions tests.

Bosch has accepted the fine and will not appeal the decision. Prosecutors said the fine does not affect ongoing criminal probes of Bosch employees.

In a statement, Bosch said it “will continue to expand its compliance organization continuously in order to minimize the risk of violations of applicable law occurring at the company.”


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