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Constantine Cannon’s Hackathon Challenge Generates Eleven Innovative Solutions to Protect COVID-19 Whistleblowers

Posted  May 29, 2020

The Constantine Cannon whistleblower team is delighted to reveal eleven innovative Hacks created in response to our Challenge to find ways to harness the power of whistleblowers to stem the tide of COVID-19-related frauds and misinformation.  Constantine Cannon’s team of whistleblower attorneys submitted the Challenge to The Financial Times Global Legal Hackathon (GLH), a worldwide effort to draw on the collective wisdom of “organisations and individuals in the legal sector to develop solutions to problems created by the coronavirus pandemic.”

Hackathons like the GLH create a mechanism for crowdfunding creative ideas. GLH called on practitioners or firms to submit a “Challenge,” or a description of a problem that relates to the pandemic.  Other groups, sometimes in collaboration with the firm that originally proposed the Challenge, then submitted “Hacks,” or possible solutions to the problem raised by the Challenge.

Now that the Hacks are live, entities across the globe are invited to sponsor or support promising projects.  There are no winners or losers, just an abundance of pioneering ideas shared worldwide in the hope of providing meaningful change during this massive health and economic crisis.

Constantine Cannon’s whistleblower attorneys challenged hackathon participants to propose solutions to embolden and protect COVID-19-related whistleblowers because we know whistleblowers are indispensable in combatting waste, fraud, and abuse and in promoting accountability and transparency.  Whistleblowers are particularly important now as governments, businesses, and individuals adjust to new economic realities resulting from the pandemic.  Constantine Cannon’s challenge generated worldwide interest, eliciting projects from over 50 team members across four continents.  Responsive hacks range from proposed legislation to educational efforts and technological solutions.

Without further ado, we proudly present the eleven Hacks:

Tech Hack

  • BIRDSONG: A Human and Technological Solution for Empowering and Protecting Whistleblowers—BIRDSONG is designed to guide and facilitate whistleblowers to tell their stories securely. It combines two primary solutions.  Its NEST Network employs the Mayo Clinic model of care, where a network of veteran lawyers, journalists, activists, advocacy groups, psychologists, and union representatives who’ve spent their careers working with whistleblowers can advise individuals.  FLOCK helps whistleblowers find each other: it allows whistleblowers to escrow their information in a database to reveal fraud hotspots and connect to other whistleblowers with complementary information.  The result?  Transforming whistleblowers from bystanders to first responders who ensure that COVID-19 recovery resources actually result in relief.

U.S. Legislative Hacks

International Hacks

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