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Media Roundup: Constantine Cannon Attorneys on the Ukraine Whistleblower

Posted  October 11, 2019

As the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry continues to dominate the headlines, numerous Constantine Cannon whistleblower attorneys have been in the news providing experienced commentary on the anonymous whistleblowers who have exposed the alleged misconduct.

On Monday, USA Today published an op-ed by Constantine Cannon whistleblower attorney Noelle Yasso challenging President Trump’s claim that he has a right to identify and confront the whistleblower.  As Yasso explains, “Revealing details about the national security whistleblower’s employment history will not further inform the public or help the government determine whether his allegations are credible. The identity of the whistleblower has nothing to do with the credibility of his information.”

The same day, Partner Eric Havian appeared on MSNBC to discuss the critical importance of whistleblowers: “The federal government had collected $60 billion from whistleblower tips and cases that have been brought on the corporate side.  On the national security side, we rely on them for the same thing, to shine a light in the darkness, to shine a light into the corners that the rest of us would never see.”

On Tuesday, attorneys Leah Judge and Chris McLamb published an opinion piece in The Hill on why the whistleblower was able to take us where Mueller couldn’t: inside the room where the alleged misconduct occurred.  “Whistleblowers, in contrast to government investigators, gather evidence of wrongdoing while the suspect’s guard is down,” they wrote.  “In the ordinary course of his or her duties, the first anonymous whistleblower to come forward — who we now know to be a CIA officer — received valuable information from over half a dozen White House insiders who were shocked by the president’s conduct. These individuals in all likelihood never suspected that their candid assessments might be used against the president.”

Constantine Cannon attorneys strive to further the rights of whistleblowers of all stripes, wherever they find fraud, waste, or abuse. Stay tuned.


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