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WANTED: A Corporate Crimebuster at the DOJ

Posted  December 23, 2020
By Gordon Schnell, Max Voldman

Published in The Crime Report

With Bill Barr’s much-anticipated resignation as Attorney General, all eyes are now turned to whom President-elect Joe Biden will pick to lead the Department of Justice (DOJ).

It is an agency that many believe is in serious need of a reset, after Barr’s two-year run of submission and subservience to an administration run amok.

One of the top contenders for the job appears to be DOJ veteran Sally Yates. . . . Yates, now in private practice in Atlanta, would be the antithesis to Barr. Selecting her would send a strong signal that the new administration is poised to take a very different approach to enforcement of the law and administration of justice. . . . .

Her previous rein in Washington did not last long enough to see her professed crusade against corporate crime fully take hold. Though all indications were that her DOJ was beginning to place individual transgressors directly in the crosshairs of a more determined enforcement strategy, one that included jail time for the most worthy of offenders. This targeting of individuals was perhaps most pronounced with DOJ’s policing under the False Claims Act . . . .

Which brings us back to the reason why we need a Sally Yates to resurrect this agency brought to the brink of disrepute. She would be fierce, independent, place country before politics, and redirect a DOJ that has in many ways strayed far from its intended course.

It would not only send a shudder through the corporate boardrooms. It would make clear there would be no cow-towing from our country’s top law enforcement agency to any kind of higher authority and the business or other self-interests it might ultimately seek to serve.

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