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It’s Live: Constantine Cannon’s EU Whistleblower Directive Transposition Guide

Posted  February 27, 2020

After its presentation at the EU Parliament on February 4, 2020, Constantine Cannon’s transposition guide for journalists on the 2019 EU Whistleblower Directive is now available for public view. This guide, published by the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), represents a collaborative effort by the Whistleblowing Team in London to clarify the Directive’s provisions for EFJ’s members and analyze its implications for journalism, free speech, and the right of access to information. Member States have until December 2021 to implement the Directive into national law – a process known as transposition – and the next 22 months will be crucial for strengthening whistleblower protection in the EU. This is welcome news for international whistleblowers, but there are also areas where the Directive can and should be expanded. Our London-based partner Mary Inman has considerable experience championing European whistleblowers and is well-placed to continue helping other European whistleblowers who come forward, particularly after reviewing the Directive so thoroughly when drafting the guide.

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