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Posted  May 14, 2020

OpEd by Gordon Schnell and Max Voldman Published In New York Daily News

Add Dr. Rick Bright to the list of coronavirus whistleblowers silenced or sidelined for trying to push truth over politics as we battle this deadly scourge. He was just ousted from his post as director of the HHS agency working on a COVID-19 vaccine for what he claims was his refusal to support a “game-changing” supposed cure President Trump and friends have been touting. CDC chief Robert Redfield suffered a similar rebuke for warning of a second wave of the virus next winter, contradicting the more rosy picture the president wants trying to paint. Not fired (yet), but clearly pressured to toe the line, truth and science be damned.

We are supposed to all be in this together. . . . Which also means it is up to all of us to speak out against misconduct that may put any of us in harm’s way. . . . So when we notice a person or business (or government official or agency) skirting the rules, shading the truth, or simply not doing what they need to be doing, it is up to all of us to sound the alarm. In this age of pandemics, it may just make the difference between life and death.

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