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Question of the Week — Did the Flint Jury Get it Right in Natasha Henderson’s Whistleblower Retaliation Case?

Posted  May 16, 2019

In yet another chapter of Flint, Michigan’s ongoing water crisis saga, a jury sided with the city and against its former City Administrator, Natasha Henderson, in a whistleblower retaliation case regarding water crisis donations. Henderson alleged she was fired by Mayor Karen Weaver for questioning Weaver’s use of the donations. Weaver claimed she fired Henderson after she learned Henderson was warned of a possible link between Legionnaires’ disease and Flint’s water, but did nothing. After deliberations, the jury found that Henderson reported the wrongdoing in good faith, but had not proven that she was fired because of it. After the verdict was read, Henderson told reporters “I believe I can move forward now . . . In the sense that my voice has been heard.”

What do you think? Did the jury make the right call?

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