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Question of the Week -- Should We Arm Teachers?

Posted  February 28, 2018

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

In the wake of the deadly school shooting earlier this month in Parkland, Florida, President Trump has renewed calls to arm teachers in classrooms. Trump has even proposed giving bonuses to educators who obtain firearm training. The idea of arming teachers has been advanced the National Rifle Association and its supporters, who argue that it would serve as a deterrent to would-be shooters while giving students and staff a “fighting chance”  if a gunman opens fire.

Opponents of such a proposal contend that adding more guns to the mix would not end mass shootings, and might actually exacerbate gun violence. They point out that multiple simulations have demonstrated that stopping a mass shooting, even when armed, is no easy feat. Teachers themselves have argued that they don’t want to be armed with guns-they want to be armed with additional resources to reach students.

What do you think? Should we arm teachers?

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