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Rutgers Scandal Just the Latest Example of the Need for Whistleblower Reform in College Sports

Posted  April 9, 2013

By Gordon Schnell (Published in College Sports Business News)

Here we go again.  Another college sports scandal.  Another coach acting outside his dominion, placing his charges in harm’s way.  Another university apologizing belatedly for failing to act sooner.  And another media frothing fest on the dreadful conduct and who else besides the coach is ultimately to blame (now that former Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Pernetti is gone, it seems like President Robert Barchi has quickly become the favored scapegoat for not paying closer attention to the issues surrounding Mike Rice’s behavior).

Once again, what is getting lost in this reporting frenzy is what can be done to better address this recidivist misbehavior in college sports.

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