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Trump Nominee for CIA Inspector General Allegedly Misled Congress

Posted  November 2, 2017

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

Two former CIA employees turned-whistleblowers allege that Chris Sharpley, the Trump administration nominee for CIA Inspector General, misled congress by saying that he was unaware for pending complaints filed against him. Lawyers for Andrew Bakaj and Jonathan Kaplan have sent letters to congress alleging that those two employees filed complaints against Sharpley that he did not disclose to congress.

The complaints allege that Sharpley violated whistleblower safeguards by retaliating against staffers for reporting wrongdoing. Bakaj’s security clearance was suspended and he was placed on administrative leave, and Kaplan also lost his security clearance. During his confirmation hearing, when presented with the complaints, Sharpley denied any knowledge of the situation. The Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General, which is investigating the Bakaj complaint, asked to interview Sharpley five days before the confirmation hearing.

It is unclear if Sharpley is the prime focus of the investigation, although he is named in both complaints. Both men allege that the retaliation was caused by their cooperation in a 2014 investigation of the withholding of evidence material to a pending criminal case. Both men are represented by Whistleblower Aid.