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Trump Says “Alt-Left” Shares Blame for Charlottesville

Posted  August 16, 2017

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

In a move that garnered praise from former KKK leader David Duke, Trump has once again blamed “both sides” for last weekend’s violence in Charlottesville. The about-face follows Trump’s long-awaited, if hollow, condemnation of neo-Nazi groups on Monday.

Ignoring the advice of his advisors and politicians from both sides of the aisle, Trump defended his initial response to events in Charlottesville, refusing to assign responsibility to the white supremacists who initiated Saturday’s protests. In contrast, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions—who was named after Jefferson Davis—declared the violence an “evil” act of domestic terrorism.

Other Republicans echoed Sessions. Speaker Paul Ryan called white supremacy “repulsive” and said “there can be no moral ambiguity.” Senator Marco Rubio said white nationalists in Charlottesville were “100% to blame,” and chided Trump for suggesting otherwise. And Senator Todd Young of Indiana wrote: “This is simple: we must condemn and marginalize white supremacist groups, not encourage and embolden them.”