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Whistleblower News from the Inside - December 13, 2013

Posted  December 13, 2013

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

FDA finally takes steps to restrict antibiotics in livestock – The new rule would bar farmers and ranchers from using the wonder drugs to fatten up their cows, pigs and chickens, but many complain of a loophole that would allow continued use of antibiotics for disease “prevention.”  NYT

SEC whistleblower program helping DOJ – Ron Knox, head of DOJ’s criminal fraud division, says the SEC program has increased the quantity and quality of the whistleblower tips reaching the DOJ.  WSJ

JPMorgan expected to pay $2B for failing to report Madoff scheme – This would settle government charges that the bank turned a blind eye to warning signs of the Ponzi scheme and failed to file a “suspicious activity report” with US regulators as it was obligated to do.  Reuters

Ireland trumpeting its rise in the whistleblower ranks – Poised to introduce its first major whistleblower protection legislation, the country is also promoting its climb in the ranks (tied for 5th) of foreign countries supplying whistleblower tips to the SEC.  Independent

MLB to ban home-plate collisions – It is baseball’s “emphatic response to the concussion crisis that has gripped other sports.”  NYT

NYC to make flu shots mandatory for preschoolers –  The Board of Health was unanimous in its mandatory vaccination decision, but opponents say “they wildly exaggerate the benefits of the flu shot and they completely dismiss any potential risks.”  Daily News

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