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Whistleblower Watchdog Unveils New Website for Food Safety Whistleblowers

Posted  August 7, 2014

By Jason Enzler

The Government Accountability Project (GAP) unveiled a new website yesterday designed to support whistleblowers reporting on food safety issues.  The website is part of GAP’s Food Integrity Campaign, an effort to protect and empower whistleblowers in sounding the alarm on fraud and abuse in our food supply chain.

The new website includes a mobile device-friendly design and information on how whistleblowers can report problems impacting food safety, food workers’ rights, environmental health, and animal welfare.  It also provides an interactive tool to help whistleblowers learn their legal rights and the details of laws that whistleblowers may believe have been violated.  Whistleblowers can submit tips or requests for help directly through the website.

GAP is a preeminent non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting whistleblowers and encouraging them to come forward to speak the truth and uncover fraud and wrongdoing.  For almost 40 years, GAP has been tirelessly working on behalf of whistleblowers (6,000+ and counting) in virtually every industry on issues that affect us all.  To learn more about GAP, click here and here for our two-part interview with GAP’s Legal Director, Tom Devine, on issues ranging from national security to government corruption.

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