Whistleblower Practice Overview

Constantine Cannon has extensive experience representing whistleblowers before both federal and state authorities under the ever-expanding array of whistleblower laws. These laws protect and reward individuals for coming forward to report fraud and other misconduct against the government or the public at large.

Constantine Cannon has particular experience representing individuals under the False Claims Act, the one hundred and fifty year old statute that laid the groundwork for the extensive set of whistleblower laws that exists today. Under the False Claims Act, individuals with original information of fraud committed against the government may file a lawsuit on behalf of the government and recover a sizeable portion of any government recovery.

Constantine Cannon also has significant experience in representing whistleblowers under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This is the most recent piece of whistleblower legislation and provides protections and financial rewards for those reporting on fraud or manipulation in securities and commodities markets. Constantine Cannon’s whistleblower lawyers were among the first law firms in the country to represent whistleblowers under these new provisions.

Constantine Cannon’s work with whistleblowers builds on its internationally recognized practice in the area of antitrust law. The firm is responsible for securing two of the largest antitrust recoveries in United States history, returning more than $5 billion to its clients over the past ten years and winning tens of billions of dollars in injunctive relief. These clients have included individual consumers, consumer rights groups, and some of the largest and smallest businesses across the country. As with its whistleblower representations, the firm’s antitrust cases have successfully targeted various forms of corporate fraud and malfeasance — in the healthcare, banking, electronic payments, insurance, high-tech, telecommunications, the internet, and government contracting, among others — which caused higher prices and lower quality goods and services.

A select listing of whistleblower cases in which the firm is currently engaged includes:

  • Representation of two scientists formerly employed by a major pharmaceutical company who allege the company falsified test data and used improper testing techniques to inflate the efficacy it reported to the FDA and on its drug labels.
  • Representation of a commodities trader and an industry analyst who allege a scheme among certain financial institutions to fix the pricing and manipulate the trading of futures contracts of certain commodities.
  • Representation of a former lab technician employed by an outpatient oncology clinic who alleges the clinic falsified patient records to support fraudulent billing of Medicare for services the clinic did not provide.