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Whistleblower Insider is written by the Constantine Cannon law firm team of experienced qui tam and whistleblower lawyers. It is updated regularly to provide the latest whistleblower and fraud news and developments.

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Nurse Practitioner Convicted in $200 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

Posted  09/28/23
Stethoscope Placed Down
In a landmark healthcare fraud case, a federal jury in Miami has convicted a nurse practitioner $200 million for her central role in a massive Medicare fraud scheme in which she conspired with telemarketing companies to submit false claims for unnecessary genetic testing and medical equipment. Evidence presented during trial outlined the scheme: telemarketers targeted Medicare beneficiaries, and pressured them to...

SEC Takes Down Yet Another Company Trying to Silence Whistleblowers

Posted  09/28/23
Red Whistle Zipped
It was only a few weeks ago that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) slapped down Monolith Resources for forcing departing employees to sign separation agreements making them waive their right to any whistleblower rewards for reporting fraud to the government.  In announcing that enforcement action, the SEC stressed the need for companies to appreciate that taking any steps to silence whistleblowers is...

In Their Own Words. . . .Government Accountability Project Tom Devine and Joe Spielberger

Posted  09/28/23
"[Whistleblower] retaliation doesn’t just punish honest people, it scares others into silence, allowing corruption to continue threatening the health, safety, and welfare of Florida’s residents and honest contractors." From their OpEd in today's Miami Herald calling on Florida Senator Rick Scott to support the Expanding Whistleblower Protections for Contractors Act, bipartisan legislation that "would update and...

Catch of the Week: Gramercy Cardiac Diagnostic Services

Posted  09/26/23
businessmen shaking hands and other placing money in others pocket
This week's Department of Justice (DOJ) Catch of the Week goes to Gramercy Cardiac Diagnostic Services and its owner Klaus Peter Rentrop.  Gramercy provides cardiac diagnostic imaging services, previously operating out of four offices in New York City.  On Monday (September 18), the DOJ announced Rentrop and Gramercy will pay $6.5 million for violating the False Claims Act and Anti-Kickback Statute through their...

In Their Own Words. . . .Rice University Political Science Professor Mark Jones

Posted  09/22/23
"[T]he reality is that if you’re a whistleblower, at a very high level you saw a group of well-respected, conscientious whistleblowers go to the FBI only after they were unable to convince their boss that he was engaging in transgressions and the response of all this is that their names get dragged through the mud, they get fired.  The lesson they’re going to draw from it is, 'Why bother?'" From the Texas...

CFTC Awards $15 Million to Two Whistleblowers

Posted  09/20/23
Shadows Reflecting on Concrete
Yesterday (September 19), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced its award of $15 million to two whistleblowers.  Keeping to its commitment of protecting the identity of its whistleblowers, we do not know who the whistleblowers are or the enforcement actions to which the rewards relate.  All we know is the whistleblowers "provided significant information and assistance that led the CFTC to bring...

SEC Takes a Stand Against Companies Trying to Silence Whistleblowers - AGAIN!

Posted  09/19/23
red tape over person mouth
Last Friday (September 8), Monolith Resources agreed to pay $225,000 to settle Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges of using employee separation agreements that violated the SEC’s whistleblower protection rules.  It is just the latest in a continuous stream of SEC enforcement actions against companies trying to silence whistleblowers.  Monolith is a clean technology company headquartered in Lincoln,...

GAO Highlights Massive Fraud of Government Funds for Unemployment Insurance During COVID Pandemic

Posted  09/14/23
Visualization of COV ID-19 Virus
On September 12, 2023, the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a report estimating between $100 billion and $135 billion in unemployment insurance fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic (from April 2020 to May 2023).  This represents roughly 11-15% of the total unemployment insurance benefits paid during the pandemic, or as the Washington Post put it, the GAO “found the theft encompassed...

Catch of the Week: Lincare Holdings

Posted  08/31/23
Medical Oxygen Tanks
This week's Department of Justice (DOJ) Catch of the Week goes to Florida-based Lincare Holdings, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German chemical corporation Linde plc.  On Monday (August 28), the DOJ announced that the company agreed to pay $29 million to settle charges of violating the False Claims Act by overbilling Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans for oxygen equipment. Lincare provides oxygen...

Military Contractors Get Prison Sentence for Bid Rigging Scheme

Posted  08/30/23
Military Personnel and Businessman Shaking Hands
Two military contractors were recently sentenced to prison time for bid-rigging violations, which the government said involved more than $17 million in government dollars, according to a DOJ press release.  This is the latest in the broader crackdown by the DOJ’s “Procurement Collusion Strike Force,” a joint effort to combat antitrust violations and government fraud. Bid rigging is when two or more...
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