Commercial Litigation

Constantine Cannon has broad experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in complex commercial litigations and arbitrations.

Our reputation is built upon our central philosophy of aggressively and sensibly representing clients in all areas of commercial dispute. We represent large and small companies and partnerships, their officers, directors and management, as well as individuals and government agencies, in a diverse mix of litigation and arbitration matters.


We have represented stockholders, corporations, officers and directors, limited partnerships, general partners, brokerage firms, stockbrokers and individuals in a wide variety of securities actions. In addition to our experience in prosecuting and defending securities cases, we have conducted internal corporate investigations and developed corporate compliance programs. The presence of former federal and state prosecutors among its attorneys, including one who worked for the New York Stock Exchange, adds to our securities expertise.


We have extensive experience handling all types of contractual issues and disputes. Whether advising clients on their contractual rights and obligations, advising clients on how to avoid a potential contractual breach, drafting particular provisions in the pre-execution stage, or representing clients in lawsuits involving breach of contract allegations, the firm’s attorneys have the legal acumen necessary to provide outstanding service in this fundamental area of the law.

RICO | False Claims Act | Fraud

We have broad experience representing clients in RICO, False Claims Act, and fraud disputes.


We have broad experience in representing partnerships and their shareholders in various partner disputes. The firm has successfully represented clients who have, among other things, been frozen out of partnership affairs, sought to expel non-contributing partners and sought a dissolution of the partnership.

Corporate Malfeasance

We are well qualified to assist companies facing potential liability because of alleged wrongdoing or negligence on the part of their officers or employees. With extensive experience as both government prosecutors and civil practitioners, our attorneys are skilled at helping clients respond to grand jury subpoenas, deal with actual or threatened civil litigations, or decide whether and how to conduct in-house investigations resulting from certain acts of corporate malfeasance.

Corporate Collections | Asset Forfeiture

We have represented numerous large financial institutions in the collection of substantial debts and in handling asset forfeiture cases. In particular, we have litigated, or supervised the litigation of, dozens of forfeiture cases arising under the federal drug and money laundering statutes. The firm represents third-party claimants in such actions, asserting their interests as creditors of the owner of the seized assets.

Multi-District Litigation and Class Actions

We are involved in numerous multi-district litigations and class actions. The multi-district litigations which the firm has handled have involved simultaneous litigations of related cases in different jurisdictions for the same client or group of clients as well as related litigations in state courts and before government regulatory bodies.

Arbitration | Mediation

An important facet of our skill in attaining the successful resolution of commercial disputes is our lawyers’ experience in alternative dispute resolution. The firm regularly counsels clients concerning out-of-court alternatives such as arbitration, mediation, and other less formal resolution techniques.


Our lawyers have an outstanding record of success in numerous appellate courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States. We pride ourselves on our ability to focus on the key issues of interest to the appellate courts, and, through briefing and argument, to persuade the courts to adopt the positions advanced by the firm on behalf of its clients.