Government Affairs

Constantine Cannon has extensive experience representing clients before government legislatures and agencies. From its Washington, DC, office, Constantine Cannon counsels corporate and trade association clients in their efforts to identify and react to federal and state legislation, regulation, and agency policy that critically impact clients’ economic and policy interests.

With a focus on clients that conduct business or advocate interests in the retail industry, the firm anticipates, monitors, and reports on legislative and regulatory developments within a given client’s particular scope of interest. Constantine Cannon analyzes the impact of legislative and regulatory proposals on client interests and competitiveness, and serves clients’ internal government relations needs as a Washington office headquarters. The firm is experienced and well equipped to assist clients with the process of shaping legislation, regulations, and government policy through direct lobbying and coordination with members of Congress and their key staff, the executive branch, and state legislators and regulators.

Constantine Cannon also represents clients before federal and state agencies, including the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Reserve Bank, and state Attorneys General. In particular, the firm has significant experience representing clients before the federal antitrust authorities in connection with a wide variety of government investigations and large, high-profile mergers and acquisitions. The firm’s attorneys have broad experience dealing with government lawyers and investigators. A number of the firm’s partners are former government attorneys themselves, including attorneys who have served in the United States Attorney’s Office, the Federal Trade Commission, the Office of the Attorney General of New York State, and the New York Stock Exchange.