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Importance of Whistleblowers

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Top Ten Whistleblower Awards of 2021

Posted  01/6/22
Red Whistle with People
2021 was another banner year for whistleblowers, who once again collectively recovered billions of dollars for the government and hundreds of millions of dollars in whistleblower rewards under the various government whistleblower programs.  This includes awards under the qui tam provisions of the federal False Claims Act and various state False Claims Act programs.  It includes awards under the Dodd-Frank SEC...

Vote Here Now for the 2021 Whistleblower of the Year

Posted  12/21/21
Whistleblower Insider wants to hear from you on who should be honored as our 2021 Whistleblower of the Year.  As in past years, we are especially interested in those individuals who best encapsulate the qualities of the typical whistleblower — courage, strength, integrity, selflessness, and a deep concern for public health and safety.  Check out last year’s candidates, including last year’s winner, Rebekah...

2021 Whistleblower of the Year Candidate - Daniel Ellsberg and The GroundTruth Project

Posted  12/21/21
Pentagon Building from Aerial View
Earlier this year we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of one of the seminal moments in whistleblower history:  the publication, starting on June 13, 1971, of the “Pentagon Papers,” a 47-volume top-secret history of U.S. involvement in Vietnam, based on classified documents, leaked by Daniel Ellsberg, a former U.S. Marine and military analyst for the RAND Corporation.  The papers revealed that four...

Congratulations to our First Place Scholarship Winner, Ethan Wright

Posted  12/21/21
The Constantine Cannon whistleblower team is thrilled to spotlight the First Place Winner of the firm’s Second Annual Law School Whistleblower Essay Contest: Ethan Wright. Ethan is a third-year student at the University of Alabama School of Law. While in law school, Ethan has worked at the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Division, and at several private law firms. He has also...

2021 Whistleblower of the Year Candidate - Reality Winner

Posted  12/16/21
United States Flag with Voting Desks in Front
In 2017, Reality Winner shared with the public a top-secret intelligence report from the NSA about Russia’s attempt to infiltrate the 2016 U.S. Presidential election process.  The report indicated that Russian hackers accessed voter registration polls with an email phishing operation, potentially undermining the integrity of the election. At the time, Winner was a military contractor for Pluribus International...

Read the Essay Submitted by Inina Kachelmeier in the Second Annual Law School Scholarship Contest

Posted  12/16/21
The Constantine Cannon whistleblower team is pleased to share with you the Second Place Winner of the firm’s Second Annual Law School Whistleblower Essay Contest.  That award goes to Inina Kachelmeier, a first-year student at Northeastern University School of Law, Class of 2024. Inina received a Bachelor of Science in Biology, with minors in English and Economics, from the Robert D. Clark Honors College of...

Read the Essay Submitted by Maggie Keenan in the Second Annual Law School Scholarship Contest

Posted  12/14/21
The Constantine Cannon whistleblower team is honored to announce this year’s Third-Place Winner of our Second Annual Law School Whistleblower Essay Contest.  The third-place award goes to Maggie Keenan, a professor at (and 2020 J.D. graduate of) Cleveland State University. Maggie received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Psychology from Cleveland State University in 2000.  She later received her...

2021 Whistleblower of the Year Candidate - Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen

Posted  12/14/21
Facebook Website
When identifying this year's possible Whistleblower of the Year candidates, Frances Haugen was perhaps the most obvious pick.  Everyone around the globe knows her story by now.  She is the former Facebook data scientist who several months ago – with the help of a cache of internal company documents – spoke out against what she sees as the perilous path Facebook has taken in broadening the reach of its social...

2021 Whistleblower of the Year Candidate - Ifeoma Ozoma

Posted  12/13/21
Pinterest might seem harmless, with its boards upon boards of dessert recipes and do-it-yourself rustic chic wedding favors. But, according to Ifeoma Ozoma, the tech company harbored a festering internal culture of racism and misogyny. While Ozoma blew the whistle in 2020, her experiences have lead her to become an advocate for whistleblowers.  For her whistleblowing and her continued advocacy, we nominate Ozuma as a...

2021 Whistleblower of the Year Candidate - Phil Saviano

Posted  12/10/21
People standing inside church
“He refuses to be silent.” That was the headline for the Boston Globe’s 1990s-piece reporting Phil Saviano had denied a settlement with confidentiality terms meant to prevent him from speaking out about the sexual abuse he endured in his youth. Thirty years after he was molested by a priest named Father Holley in Worcester, Massachusetts, Saviano became one of the first survivors to blow the whistle on sexual...
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