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August 4, 2016

Posted  August 4, 2016

Ohio, along with 48 other states, announced a $125 million settlement with Cephalon and affiliated companies over allegations that Cephalon engaged in anticompetitive conduct that delayed the market entry of generic versions of Provigil, a prescription drug used to promote wakefulness and treat sleep disorders. Ohio’s total recovery is expected to be about $4 million, including an estimated $1.57 million for Ohio consumers who bought Provigil between 2006 and 2012, $1.43 million for state entities that bought Provigil, and $1 million to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. This multistate settlement was facilitated by litigation brought against Cephalon by the Federal Trade Commission. In May 2015, the FTC settled its suit against Cephalon for injunctive relief and $1.2 billion, which was paid into an escrow account. GA