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Whistleblower Types

Do you have information about fraud or misconduct?  On these pages, we describe many of the types of fraud and misconduct – across different industries and contexts – that can give rise to a claim under a whistleblower reward law. 

While we describe a wide variety of fraud, these are just examples.  Laws and regulations change. New events and crises expose new fraud possibilities.  Contractors look for and find new ways to cheat on their government contracts. Applicants for government loans – like the PPP loan program – and recipients of government grants find ways to falsify their eligibility. Companies look for and find new ways to take unlawful advantage of those who need their products and services, investors or others.  Without insiders and whistleblowers stepping up to expose fraud, most such wrongs would go undetected.

You can also read more about the laws that offer rewards to whistleblowers who use them to report fraud or misconduct.

The whistleblower attorneys of Constantine Cannon have worked on cases arising in all of the areas, industries, and contexts described on these pages. We have represented whistleblowers under federal, state, and local False Claims Acts, as well as under the SEC, CFTC, IRS, and Motor Vehicle Safety Whistleblower Programs. No matter what industry our whistleblower clients are employed in, chances are good that a Constantine Cannon attorney is familiar with it.  And, we understand the complicated, constantly changing landscape of state and federal whistleblower laws.  You can read about some of our prior cases below and see more on our Whistleblower Successes page.

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