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Constantine Cannon Celebrates a Record-Shattering Year of Whistleblower Rewards

It has been a big year for our whistleblower clients

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Our Team

We understand the stress that you’re feeling as you decide whether to submit a whistleblower claim.

Doing the right thing can be very difficult, which is why Constantine Cannon commits substantial resources to supporting our whistleblower clients, in the form of experienced, knowledgeable counsel, top-level professionalism, and years of experience with government enforcement agencies. We are prepared to accompany you through this challenging journey.

Why Constantine Cannon?

The Constantine Cannon Whistleblower Lawyer Team has extensive experience representing whistleblowers under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act, the Dodd-Frank Act, the IRS Whistleblower Law, and an array of other federal and state whistleblower laws. Our unmatched team of attorneys has a long and unsurpassed track record of whistleblower successes, and substantial resources to handle any type of case against any size defendant in any industry.

Record of success

Our whistleblower attorneys have acted as lead counsel to recover well over $1 billion for the government and hundreds of millions in awards for whistleblower clients. In 2020, we finalized four blockbuster settlements and secured some of the highest whistleblower rewards in the history of the False Claims Act.  In 2021, we had another banner year with historic whistleblower successes.  This is in addition to the more than $5 billion in damages and tens of billions of dollars more in injunctive relief we have recovered for the firm’s other clients, including two of the top five antitrust settlements in U.S. history.

Substantial resources

Constantine Cannon can commit resources to a case for many years, and to go to trial if necessary to vindicate our clients. With offices on both coasts and in London, we have an unmatched geographic presence to provide a home base for cases arising anywhere in the United States, Europe, or elsewhere. Our attorneys have litigated and worked with government enforcers throughout the country, and bring first-hand local knowledge of courts, judges, and federal and state agencies that is invaluable when pursuing a whistleblower case.

Experience both deep and broad

The firm’s experience spans across multiple industries including healthcare, banking, pharmaceuticals, securities and commodities trading, telecommunications, insurance, technology, and government contracting. We have represented whistleblowers under federal, state, and local False Claims Acts, as well as under the SEC, CFTC, IRS, and Motor Vehicle Safety Whistleblower Programs. No matter what industry our whistleblower clients are employed in, chances are good that a Constantine Cannon attorney is familiar with it.

A committed, professional team.

We keep up on the newest whistleblower statutes and are adept at offering new interpretations of old ones. Our attorneys have taught law, testified before Congress, made scores of presentations at professional seminars, industry forums and educational programs. We have been published on a variety of legal issues, including antitrust law and compliance as well as whistleblowing.

We come from top law schools, and many of us bring to our work backgrounds in public service with state Attorneys General, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. All of our whistleblower lawyers are members of the Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund, the leading organization working to maintain the integrity and advance the effectiveness of whistleblower reward and private enforcement provisions in federal and state laws. We are often called upon by the news media to provide analysis of news and developments in whistleblower law.

To meet the Constantine Cannon Whistleblower Lawyer Team, see immediately below. You can also review the complete roster of Constantine Cannon’s U.S. and European lawyers.

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