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Whistleblower Reward Laws

Whistleblower reward laws and programs give people with knowledge of fraud and unlawful activity an incentive to come forward and report what they know.  Qualifying whistleblowers who bring original information to the government, which leads to the government’s recovery of damages and/or penalties, may be entitled to receive a share of that recovery.  These financial rewards serve as the basis of a public-private partnership between whistleblowers and the government agencies charged with investigating and prosecuting wrongdoing.

Whistleblower Reward Laws and Programs

A number of laws provide for financial awards to successful whistleblowers.  These include:

In addition, there are a number of programs that apply in specific industries or to specific types of wrongdoing.  These include:

The descriptions of the whistleblower programs on our website is general in nature, and not intended as legal advice.  The whistleblower attorneys of Constantine Cannon understand the complicated, constantly changing landscape of state and federal whistleblower laws. If you would like more information or would like to speak to a member of Constantine Cannon’s whistleblower lawyer team, please Contact us for a Confidential Consultation.

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