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Recent Government Enforcement

A number of government agencies regularly bring direct enforcement actions related to fraudulent schemes, including those involving various fraud against federal and state governments, investors, tax, and financial activity.

Most of these government enforcement actions do not involve whistleblowers.  However, these enforcement activities provide some insight in to the government’s priorities, and can provide models for the presentation of claims by whistleblowers.

We invite you to explore this collection of government enforcement actions, which is organized by the agencies that led the enforcement efforts.  In many cases, there are overlaps:  you may find tax fraud cases reported by the Department of Justice, or states pursuing claims against defendants who have also faced federal penalties for the same actions.  You can see recent and past enforcement actions by using the menu at left, or as follows:

If one of the government enforcement actions summarized on the above pages includes a reward to a whistleblower under one of the available whistleblower reward laws, that summary will appear on the Whistleblower Successes page in this section.

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