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March 29, 2017

Posted  March 29, 2017

A major subprime auto loan funder in Massachusetts, Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc. (Santander), will pay $22 million for its role in facilitating unfair, high-rate auto loans for thousands of Massachusetts car buyers. The AG’s investigation, handled jointly with the Delaware Attorney General’s Office, revealed that Santander allegedly funded auto loans without having a reasonable basis to believe that the borrowers could afford them. In fact, Santander predicted that many of the loans would default, and allegedly knew that the reported incomes, which were used to support the loan applications submitted to the company by car dealers, were incorrect and often inflated. Car loans to consumers with poor credit, known as subprime auto loans, are often made through contracts signed at the car dealership, but the loans are funded by non-dealer financial institutions, like Santander. As part of the funding process, many financial entities resell or repackage the loans, passing them along to third parties. Money obtained from this process is then used to fund more subprime loans. MA

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