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March 3, 2016

Posted  March 3, 2016

New York announced an agreement with Endo Health Solutions Inc. and Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“Endo”), which make and sell the long-acting opioid, Opana ER. The agreement requires Endo to cease all misrepresentations regarding the properties of Opana ER, to describe accurately the risk of addiction to Opana ER, and to summarize studies regarding Opana ER on its website. Endo must also create a program that will prevent its sales staff from promoting this powerful narcotic painkiller to health care providers who may be involved in the abuse and illegal diversion of opioids. Endo, an Irish company with U.S. headquarters in Pennsylvania, makes a variety of prescription drugs. Endo’s opioid drug Opana ER has been widely abused in New York State. NY

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