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July 10, 2018

Posted  July 10, 2018

A Norwich behavioral health practice and its co-owners, a mother and her daughter who are both licensed behavioral health clinicians, agreed to a $300,000 settlement to resolve alleged violations of Connecticut’s False Claims Act. Affinity Behavioral Health LLC (“Affinity”) is co-owned by Julie Longton, a licensed marital and family therapist, and her daughter, Leanda Zupka, a licensed clinical social worker. Affinity, Longton and Zupka are enrolled as behavioral health providers in the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program (CMAP), which includes the state’s Medicaid program. The state alleged that, from April 2013 to December 2016, Affinity, Longton and Zupka knowingly submitted claims to the CMAP for payment for behavioral health services purportedly performed by licensed behavioral health clinicians when, in fact, the services were rendered by unlicensed individuals employed by Longton and Zupka. CT

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