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March 3, 2017

Posted  March 3, 2017

The FTC has approved a final order settling charges that OFTACOOP, a Puerto Rican ophthalmologist cooperative, unlawfully orchestrated an agreement among competing ophthalmologists to refuse to deal with a health plan, MCS Advantage, Inc., and its network administrator, Eye Management of Puerto Rico, LLC. First announced in January 2017, the complaint alleged that OFTACOOP’s concerted refusal to deal forced MCS to abandon its plan to engage Eye Management to create a lower-cost network of ophthalmologists. MCS was also forced to maintain its then-current reimbursement rates paid to ophthalmologists. According to the complaint, OFTACOOP – also known as Cooperativa de Médico Oftalmólogos de Puerto Rico – restrained competition without any justification, in violation of federal antitrust law. FTC